Locally grown and produced Cashew Nuts have a vast potential in the international market. Today most African Cashew Nuts are grown locally, and the raw nuts exported to India, Vietnam and China for processing. This we like to change.

Cooperation between local African workforce, European know how and modern technology makes it possible for us to produce the highest quality of Cashew Nuts at the best prices on the market.

All our Cashew are bought locally, and direct from the farmers.  The Cashew are harvested, and grown without any use of chemicals.


We buy directly from the farmers without any expensive intermediaries to provide you with the best prices on the market


All our Cashew Nuts are free from infestation, insect damages, mold rancidity, adhering testa, and objectionable extraneous matter.

Scrapped and partially shriveled kernels are not permitted, and do not affect the characteristic shape of the Cashew kernels.

Standard Packing
Vacuum packed in bags of 11.34 metric kilos.
2 bags of 11.34 metric kilos in each carton of 22.68 metric kilos.
700 carton boxes with a total weight of 15.876 metric kilos in a 20 feet container.

Letter of Credit (LC) or Bank Guarantee (BG)


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