We deliver high quality fresh & frozen seafood under premium conditions worldwide. We value a transparent partnership with our customers. We provide you with honesty and clarity in our process of delivering seafood worldwide at competitive prices.

We provide a wide variety of fresh & frozen seafood. All of our seafood are being harvested locally and immediately frozen after quality check. 

Our seafood is of high-quality just as our service. All of our customers are treated with respect for unique demands, needs and requirements. We ensure that you will be met with the most efficient, cost-effective and price competitive means within the whole industry. 

Our fish are all locally caught in the Atlantic Ocean (Major Fishing Area no. 34) from the coastline of Senegal, Mauritania and Ivory Coast. 


We buy the fish locally through our well-selected and organised teams of Fishermen in Senegal, Mauritania & Ivory Coast. We have built strong, long-term partnerships to maintain a consistent line of supply throughout the seasons. 


We process, freeze and pack the seafood at our local freezing facilities in designated locations. As we only deliver top-quality seafood do we have tight quality-control that meets the European standards. 



Lastly we ship the seafood to your destination. We are proud of our efficient shipping partnerships that provides premium conditions. Our supply of fresh and frozen seafood is available through the year. 

Our employees are the key to our quality. We value the employment and development of local staff in each of our operating locations as we require employees with expertise and knowledge that are at the forefront of the industry. Same goes to our business as we constantly evaluate our business and continuously look for new and innovative ways to improve our operational efficiencies. 

Our supply of high-quality fresh and frozen seafood is being delivered at premium conditions throughout the year.